Blog 2: An Amazing Hunting Game to Make Students move!

I found an interesting way for students to make the revision of a special topic. Something that could upgrade their interest at the end of the semester and the year. I think that the interesting part is the fact that they will move around the school, instead of looking over again their class notes.

The QR Treasure Hunt Generator! can be a very original option to motivate students in learning new material too, but I think that using it for revision before tests or exams could be perceived as a reward for students who have a good attitude in general.

STEPS (that are well explained on the website):

1. Prepare your question-answer in a Word document and put a * between them:


2. Go on the website QR Treasure Hunt Generator! and press “get started”;

3. You enter all the information where asked;

4. The website provide you a QR code for every question;

5. You print the QR codes and put them all around the school;

6. Just before the Hunting Game, ask students who has the mobile device, to download the application that reads QR codes and you are ready for the Hunting Game!

7. Don’t forget to determine the time you let them to complete the hunting activity!

To keep control of the class

1. It will be important to choose your class to do this activity if you don’t want to loose some of the students during the activity.

2. In the way to involve students, I would give some tasks to everyone in the teams. They will insure that nobody is talking to loudly, running in the corridors, not participating, or speaking in another language than English.

3. I would inform all teachers and other school workers about this activity so everyone will be aware if something seem abnormal. I could also ask the presence of someone else who will be involved in this activity the first time that I try it.

4. I would send only half of the students at the time (some groups of 2-4 students), and prepare another cooperative activity in class with other material to revise. When everything is done, we could share the answers of both activities all together and look at new question students have if needed. The Hunting Game is certainly a good way to apply cooperative language learning if you allow only one mobile device by group and that they have to share and exchange information.

The Hunting game advantages for students

I think the Hunting Game is the perfect activity for highest levels in elementary schools or secondary schools for students who well behave in general. By looking around the school, every team member finds answers to the questions previously distributed in class. They decide if they work all together or in two teams, and who is in which team. They need to evaluate the most efficient technique to complete the task. They have to come to an agreement. They are a team and for some of them it will be a good occasion to develop their qualities as a teammate. And because the game creates a competition between teams, I think it will be a very good motivation for everyone.Very different than the regular activities, the Hunting Game should be much more exciting for the students than staying in the classroom, but mostly, they will learn how to work together in an other context than in the classroom.

At the end of the semester or the year, many students are anxious about exams. As we know that moving is a good way to reduce stress and increase memorization, I think it can help students to revise and assimilate better the information they tend to forget. I would try to create a list, over the weeks, of important information that students had more difficulty to remember in class.


I think the Hunting Game would make my teaching better because:

1-    By bringing a totally new style of material revision, I will motivate students throughout the year, but also before tests and exams.

2-    By making them moving and doing something different then sitting in a chair, I believe that the hunting will help them to assimilate some information, motivate them to participate in their own learning, and appreciate more the English classroom.

3-    By working in groups, this activity applies the cooperative language learning, which is an important goal in our education program that helps students to learn from each other. That will help me in my teaching tasks as stronger students will help others. (The groups will be created in this purpose.)

4-    The Hunting Game requires a mobile device, which is a good way to prove students that I am aware about their interests. It will also provide a good occasion for some students, less knowledgeable about electronic devices, to learn how they work and to get familiarized with them. As a teacher, I prepare them to the reality of electronic devices, which take more and more place in everyday life.

Lets try it and improve the technique, so please don’t hesitate to share your ideas!

He are some other game’s ideas for classroom !!

Have fun !


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